My Little Secret to Confidence

The Inc woman knows she has been bestowed with the ultimate gift of femininity, she will go out into society and live up to her true and best self. She will not be clothed by others’ opinions and will wear her power laced with pride. 

Inc is the sweet secret women across South Africa delight in as they share their latest moves made in their favourite piece of power dressing. 

Product Range:

With Inc. you stay stocked up on everything from basics to bold: Seamless underwear, basic bikinis, lace thongs as well as other mesh-must-haves. Sold both separately and in sets so you can mix and match to your heart’s desire. Featuring luxe fabrics and laces, our range contains all the right styles like briefs, hipsters, bras and thongs. 

When you choose Inc., you choose to ensure that what you have underneath your clothing is on par with the rest of your outfit. The right lingerie will not only boost your confidence but will also be as comfortable as your own skin. Find your perfect fit from our selection of undergarments that range from practical, everyday to sultry and delicate in silhouette and design. 

Size Guide:

Sister bra sizes are the sizes that surround your bra size. They offer an alternative size to try if your current size is not the perfect fit in the bra you are wearing or trying on. 

Bra sizes can vary and it is good to know about sister bra sizes so you can try other bra sizes to get the perfect fit and feel comfortable and well supported.

Please click to view the sister size pdf guide

Click to view the Sister size pdf guide